Apollo Teck GmbH is a German company involved in the fields of heating and cooling, hot water, as well as renewable energy sources.

Apollo Teck GmbH boasts a wide range of products (heating pumps, fan coil, solar panels, photovoltaic units). These products are made using highest quality materials, advanced know-how and cutting edge technology. They can cover the needs of both small and large facilities, with absolute respect to any specialized demands.

Apollo Teck GmbH products come with warranty bond, while they bear all the international certifications like EUROVENT, CE, ISO, TUV, OEKO-TEX, depending on the specific product.

Apollo Teck GmbH is a customer-oriented company and its philosophy is to serve and satisfy each and every single need of its clientele.

For Apollo Teck GmbH, customer relations do not stop upon selling a product. On the contrary, the relation continues through the warranty of ongoing technical support, provision of assistance and advice, as well as ensuring that spare parts are always available.

Our clientele is always at the center of our attention and we aim at finding new products, ideas and solutions, covering needs in heating, cooling and hot water with the least possible power energy consumption. In this way, our clientele contributes to the protection of the environment and green, sustainable development.

PARTNERS OF Apollo Teck GmbH


Η ApolloTECK GmbH , aiming at completing its range of heating products for household applications, cooperates with “Red-in” company. Through this collaboration Apolloteck GmbH offers infrared heating panels from 300 to 900 watt. These panels can cover spaces from 8 to...

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ApolloTECK GmbH, in the context of its strategic partnerships, announces its cooperation with “The LED Company”, one of the most specialized companies in LED lighting products of cutting edge technology. “The LED Company” offers a wide range of products, covering...

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  ApolloTECK GmbH announces its exclusive cooperation with the Greek company Cocoon Ecoclima. Cocoon Ecoclima is based in Athens and is one of the largest companies in the fields of renewable energy sources and energy saving systems. At the same time, it boasts...

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