With 28 different models and with a range of air provision stretching from 926 to 133,320m3/h, for cooling, heating and ventilation units and from 926 to 177,759m3/h for heating and ventilation units, Apollo Teck GmbH KKS-S line of central air conditioning units has been especially designed for commercial and industrial application.

For applications where strict hygiene conditions are required (food and medicine industries, hospitals etc.), Apollo Teck GmbH offers PHKS like of central air conditioning units. More specifically, 8 models are available with air provision 2,400m3/h- 12.000 m3/h. Using this type of units ensures the removal of particles, bacteria and viruses from air.

All lines of central air conditioning units by Apollo Teck GmbH are certified according to Eurovent, come with double shell panels 50mm thick, with various options of metal finish (galvanized, coated, stainless) and with a wide variety of insulation (fiberglass, stone wool or polyurethane foam), as per demand and application.

The air-to-air exchangers used can be Thermal Wheel, Plate Heat Exchanger, Runaround coils, as per demand.

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