MPPT and PWM technology charge controllers ensure proper charging and longevity of the batteries, in an autonomous photovoltaic system. They cover all the types of solar panels (crystalline, CIS, amorphous silicon, thin film) and all types of batteries (liquid acid, lithium, AGM open & closed type). Through our long-lasting cooperation with construction companies like Victron Energy, Phocos, Outback and others, Apollo Teck GmbH offers its clientele products of maximum performance and durability over time, always at the most competitive prices of the market.

MPPT & PWM Charge Controllers

Charge controllers are divided in PWM and MPPT technology. MPPT charge controllers increase power production by 10%~30%. This is achieved through MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker).

As shown in the image above, when we charge for instance a 12V battery with a simple charge controller (PWM), we lose a percentage of energy (approximately 10%), which the panel may produce. This happens because we force it to operate till 14Volt, while the mpp current is 17Volt.

Through MPPT charge controller we take full advantage of the energy that can be given to us by the photovoltaic panel. This controller allows the panel to operate to its point of maximum power, e.g. at 17Volt and not 12Volt. Then it transforms 17V into 12V, increasing the power of battery charging.

Another advantage of MPPT chargers is the fact that they come with DC to DC converter. In this way, we have the opportunity to charge our batteries with maximum current panels, which have larger power production than the crystalline panels and better performance in case of cloudy weather, shadow and high temperatures.

Benefits from using MPPT chargers are the following:

  • Batteries are charged 100% more quickly and they last for more years.
  • Autonomous photovoltaic systems produce more power even under difficult conditions (winter, shadow, high temperatures, “negative” orientations and inclinations)

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