Cooling towers are used, so as to remove the heat of the cooling water from the water-cooled condensers to be used again.

Cooling towers of Apollo Teck GmbH are available in models of both open and closed circuit with performances that span from 50kW to 8,600kW, 14 -2445RT, allowing the proper model to be selected for each commercial or industrial application.

Apollo Teck GmbH will offer you

the ideal cooling tower for

any existing or new installation.

General characteristics of Apollo Teck GmbH cooling towers.

  • The cooling tower is handed over in parts of hot galvanized sheet metal and is assembled on project using only screws and not welding.
  • PVC collectors, which provide uniform water distribution.
  • Heat exchange surface made of corrugated PVC foils, easily replaced.
  • Centrifugal or axial fans offering noise-free and vibration-free operation.
  • Four-pole and three-phase motor with IP55 degree of sealing
  • Fan drive through a pulley and trapezoidal belt system.
  • Dust collectors made of hot galvanized sheet metal.
  • Water leakage prevention system that maximizes corrosion protection.
  • Plastic nozzles with centrifugal diffusion system, easily accessible for maintenance and replacement.

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