Apollo Teck GmbH , in cooperation with Victron Energy and other well-reputed construction companies, has been established due to its technological innovations, its credibility and quality of construction. It is specialized in autonomous photovoltaic systems of energy, as well as in hybrid systems with simultaneous use of solar and wind power.

It features a wide range of products, which can efficiently support any independent system.

Most devices we use operate with a current of 230 V, which is provided by the central producer and distributor of energy, Public Power Corporation.

Photovoltaic batteries produce DC (Direct Current) power and they use the inverter for transforming it into AC (Alternating Current).

In case there are no 230 V devices, then an inverter is not needed.

Inverters, just like all devices, come with features that need to be made known, so as to be used properly. Depending on the power of the devices, the proper inverter is selected.

The experienced mechanics of Apollo Teck GmbH will suggest the best suitable solution for your needs, at the most competitive price rates.

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