The inverter of a photovoltaic installation is one of its fundamental parts, as the operation and performance of the given system depends on its use.

Practically, the inverters are one of the major parts of each installation. This is the reason why special attention needs to be drawn during the selection of the product, since this is how the unobstructed operation of the photovoltaic system is ensured to a huge extent.

The inverter is a device with electronic and electrical set-ups, which transforms the produced direct current from the photovoltaic generator into alternating current, compatible with the electricity network. In practice, the inverter of each photovoltaic system is the “brain” of the installation, since it can benefit from the panels’ produced power, whether it is an autonomous or an interconnected system. In addition, the inverter is responsible for supervising the whole system. If for example any damage is located within the public network, at the generator or in the cabling, the inverter will be “informed” and “act” accordingly.

The inverters are divided in two basic categories, the single phase inverters and the three phase inverters. A three phase inverter produces alternating current in three phases and a single phase inverter produces alternating current in one phase. For installations that exceed 5 kWp, a project can be realized either using three single phase inverters (one for each phase) or one three phase inverter.

At Apollo Teck GmbH we fully comprehend and we are able to suggest the best selection for your own photovoltaic system (net metering or feed in tariff), taking into consideration all the parameters, such as different orientations and inclinations, photovoltaic generator technology, potential shadow, maximum performance, quality of construction and of course we offer after-sales support. Contact us and let us introduce you to the world of the biggest inverter constructors, such as SMA , KOSTAL, SOLAR EDGE, GROWATT, KACO , SUNGROW, as well as many other colossal construction companies excelling thanks to their quality and maximum efficiency.

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