Apollo Teck GmbH uses the most tested photovoltaic technology, offering products of maximum performance with proven credibility after decades of experience in multiple applications. Using only the optimal raw materials from top constructors worldwide, each product and the accompanying documents are guaranteed.

As fully vertically integrated producer, starting from the crystalline silica and constructing silicon discs, photovoltaic elements and frames, Apollo Teck GmbH has the ability to offer photovoltaic frames of the highest quality standards at competitive price rates.


The meticulous qualitative control in all production stages and the strict classification of the photovoltaic elements at the source, guarantee the maximum performance of the frame and the smooth operation in depth.

Our company is activated in providing professional solutions of the highest quality standards for the implementation of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) from scratch to finish. These solutions include services of elaboration of techno-economic studies, as well as designing, equipment supply, construction, operation and maintenance of RES systems and more specifically photovoltaic installations.

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