Autonomous solar lighting poles with a photovoltaic frame constitute an efficient solution towards using solar energy and protecting the environment, since they store the energy of solar radiation during the day and make use of it at night through lighting.
They can be easily installed in public places (streets, squares, beaches, marinas, courses, open air parking lots, remote houses, large gardens, residential surrounding areas, regions where there is no electric power network etc.). The installation process is very simple, while there are minimum maintenance requirements.

Autonomous solar lighting poles feature the support web, the photovoltaic panel (monocrystalline or polycrystalline), the charge controller and the LED light. The combination of these elements separately, depending on the needs of the installation, may achieve the maximum performance at the most competitive price.

Trust Apollo Teck GmbH and get introduced to a wide range of street lights, consisting of products that have stood out thanks to their quality of construction, their performance and of course their cost.

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