Multi-split VRF (VRV) air conditioning systems

VRF (or VRV) system is the technology, in which the quantity of cooling agent driven in each indoor unit is absolutely controlled and depends on the refrigerant load of each air conditioned space.

This is the air-to-air heating pump that provides the space with heating, cooling and ventilation. It consists of an external central unit (or string of units) with DC Inverter compressor and the indoor units.

VRF systems by Apollo Teck GmbH come with cooling capacity from 25.2 to 200kW, while they can connect to up to 64 indoor units

The types of indoor units are wall-mounted, floor-to-ceiling visible type, single, two-way and four-way cassette, as well as low, medium and high static pressure air connection units.

The compressors are Scroll type and the coolant is R410A.

Also available are mini VRF systems with cooling power from 10 to 16 kW and connection to up to 8 indoor units.

Technical specifications & presentation of DC Inverter VRF series

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