Wind turbines (wind generators) are divided into two basic categories:

Horizontal axis wind turbines, whose main rotor shaft resembles a helix and is in parallel position with the direction of the wind and the ground.

Vertical axis wind turbines, whose main rotor shaft remains stable and is vertical to the ground surface.

The performance of a wind turbine depends on the size of its helicon and the speed of the wind. The size is a correlation of the needs to be served by the wind dynamics of each region.

Small sized wind turbines may take advantage of the wind energy even for household installations, offering electric power with substantial benefits. The respective wind turbines have less than one meter diameter and under 1kW power, while they can reach power of up to 50 kW with 20 meters diameter. In essence, they are small sized systems that can be used at a household level for electric power production. They can be added to existing photovoltaic systems, so as to increase the power production.

Apart from their connection to autonomous systems, they can be applied to the connection within the network of electric power in small or larger installations (wind-energy parks).

Apollo Teck GmbH official partner of BSL, Αir Brezze, Air-X, Whisper and other construction companies, offers its clients the opportunity of directly supplying any type of wind turbine. As a result, the clients can use them either to maintain or to back up an existing photovoltaic system (hybrid) or to use an exclusive means of power production, provided of course that the wind dynamics of the location allows it.

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